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Tell Me A Lie Lyrics By Sami Jo

    tell me a lie
    say i look familiar
    though i know you don’t even know my name
    tell me a lie
    say you just got into town
    even though i’ve seen you before just hanging around
    tell me a lie
    say you’re not a married man
    but you don’t know i saw you slip of a wedding ring
    tell me a lie
    say you’ve got no place to stay
    but you’d be glad to drop more cause is only your way

    tell me a lie
    when you take me home tell me a lie
    i won’t live one more spring or night alone
    tell me a lie
    don’t worry about my sorrows
    you belong of tomorrow
    and you won’t have to see me cry tell me a lie

    tell me a lie come on
    tell me that you need me
    and i’ll pretend that is real the way you want me to
    please tell me a lie
    when you’re lying close beside me
    and wispering you hold me sweet words like i love you
    won’t you tell me a lie
    when i’m net and almost over
    make it easy on us both when it’s time for you to go
    come on tell me a lie
    say you’d really like to stay
    tell me just one more lie you’ll be back one day

    Artist: Sami Jo

    Year: 1974

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 107