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Sweetheart Lyrics By Franke The Knockouts

    i know baby it’s hard to be strong
    just take the good with the bad
    and don’t think you’re alone

    ’cause i know all your sad goodbyes
    ’cause i’ve been there before
    to help you dry your eyes

    who love you from the start
    who treats you like a star
    oh sweetheart

    who loves you baby
    who loves you wrong or right
    ’cause you’re the spark in my life
    yeah day and night

    and when trouble akeeps knockin’
    down your door
    just call on me babe
    and it won’t be ’round no more

    sweetheart oh i know yes i know
    no matter how long
    i’ll be by your side
    singing this song

    Artist: Franke The Knockouts

    Year: 1981

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 55