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Sweet Potatoe Pie Lyrics By Domino

    it’s like this
    i’m that guy you’re so fly
    gotta get a piece of that sweet potato pie
    i’m that guy you’re so fly
    gotta get a piece of that sweet potato pie

    now the way of today with the homies is straight
    gettin’ fucked up off the dank chronic
    bud what ever you wanna call it
    and peace to you fuckin’ alcoholics for
    makin’ the proper remedy
    cuz when i hit it bitches envy me
    say you want wine yeah i guess that’s fine
    but thai is the sky when you talkin’ about mines
    now my thai got a friend named gin
    got me all straight now my dick won’t bend
    now i’m fucked for the rest of the night
    unless i find a piece of ass whether it’s loose or tight
    now looka here looka here i done found a bitch
    yummy for the dick jelly mix in the switch
    save that shit cuz i don’t wanna be your man
    just need a little loosin’ do you understand

    hook x
    my mind’s fucked up off chocolate thai
    hit the gin shop now i’m so high
    now i need a bitch that’s proper and fly
    so break me off a piece of that sweet potato pie

    thinkin’ about what i’m gonna do today
    party at my homies bout eight
    i thought about goin’ to the movies
    but ain’t nothin’ like a bunch of proper ass hoochies
    dressed like a player can’t wear nothin’ less
    some simple ass shit even if it ain’t guess
    take a couple of shots and now i roll to the spot
    bitches straight peepin’ wanna know what i got well
    one two three here comes the d
    pass me the buddah ooooh weee
    and now i’m ready for you bitches
    so gang a dick licker do you get the picture
    and so much love for ya gals
    and peace love and pussy to my muthafuckin’ pals
    and ay yai yai i’mma stay high
    and keep me a piece of that sweet potato pie

    hook x

    the fellas wanna have a barbecue tonight i think it’s on about five
    they say it’s gonna have plenty daisy dukes and les says it’s gonna be live
    so imma gonna grab me a player suit cuz ain’t a damn thing changed
    and now i’m proper and fly and shit but man do i feel strange
    so imma go down to the liquor store and find my friend named gin
    and go to the girl with the flyest thai and break her off a proper twin
    and now it’s time to make some shit and look for the proper mix
    and run a little game on the pyt and tell it to her somethin’ like this

    hook x

    Artist: Domino

    Year: 1994

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 255