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Rolene Lyrics By Moon Martin

    come on operator gimme rolene on my line
    she knows what i need to ease a cravin’ in my spine
    a cheerleaders smile
    tijuana style
    your daddy might be judge
    sure know how to nudge

    all right rolene

    well i’ve been livin’ so white and clean
    jack it’s made me mean
    i need rolene’s smooth round thigh
    it’s like a rush to get me high
    i give it my best shot
    honey all i got
    my name may not be hud
    but i’ll show you i’m no dud

    all right rolene

    you know my baby’s love
    just like a sweet velvet glove
    honey crack that whip
    ya make me bite my lip

    all right rolene

    Artist: Moon Martin

    Year: 1979

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 75