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Omerta Lyrics By Drake

    look at my history
    i’m tryna see what’s different from that guy and the richer me
    the only thing i see is custom owls from tiffany
    and some gunnas that’ll hit you outta nowhere like epiphany
    really that’s it to me
    aside from the obvious man it changes in scenery
    testin’ me gon’ have my niggas testin’ machinery
    they say that they happy my man that’s not how they seem to be
    the boy he wild and peaceful rest in peace teena marie
    ethics and values mob traditions old fashioned
    monopoly action
    bronny buyin’ up brentwood like he still in akron
    a lot of pain a lot of passion
    a lot of relaxin’ while other niggas is overreactin’
    that’s how we continue down the path of jordan and jackson
    that’s some insight for y’all even if no one’s askin’
    last year niggas really feel like they rode on me
    last year niggas got hot ’cause they told on me
    i’m ’bout to call the bluff of anybody that fold on me
    i’m buyin’ the buildin’ of every door that closed on me
    yeah loro piana and brioni the one and only
    champagne popper the love doctor
    your baby mother call me when she lonely
    my tailor see me twice a week he like my homie
    forever grateful forever thankful
    diamond necklace but she wears it on her ankle
    the bitch is trendy
    my enemies send each other the texts that they could never send me
    i’m bankin’ two million a show for the residency
    nevada gaming commission in a frenzy
    how much money can this casino lend me
    rippin’ markers up over shots of the henny
    vivid memory can someone send me a real nigga interlude
    to me benihana is pigeon food
    this not a forgivin’ mood
    so much we gotta count the 0s up in a different room
    i am just a body that my brothers are livin’ through
    keepin’ my connections strictly physical
    everyone that’s married is miserable
    i know that that is not a lifestyle i can give into
    the rise to the top of this mountain has been biblical
    i don’t carry cash ’cause the money is digital
    it’s the american expresser the debt collector
    hailin’ all the way from the mecca
    got something for trudy and rebecca
    this shit could last forever
    the mind controller the ayatollah
    i built a to success and had visions of me ridin’ over
    step in the room and october gets a lot closer
    haunted houses
    i don’t know how to count in thousands only millions
    now tell your friends i’m not the villain
    send ’em to lagos or turks and caicos
    barbados trinidad and tobago
    never go the same places they go
    separate vacations
    a far cry from when drizzy had slept in the basement
    i was never on the path to get into cam
    i mean i was good at doin’ math but i’m better with language
    borderline dangerous approach with caution
    i plan to buy your most personal belongings when they up for auction
    man truth be told i think about it often
    the petty king the overseer of many things
    i wish that i was playin’ in a sport where we were gettin’ rings
    i wouldn’t have space on either hand for anything
    west hollywood know my presence is menacing
    cosa nostra shady dealings
    racketeering the syndicate got they hand in plenty things
    the things that we’ve done to protect the name are unsettling
    but no regrets though the name’ll echo
    years later none greater
    death to a coward and a traitor that’s just in my nature yeah

    Artist: Drake

    Year: 2019

    Decade: 10s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 329