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Oh Boy Lyrics By Cam Ron Featuring Juelz Santana

    produced by just blaze

    just blaze oh baby
    oh baby uh killa

    all the girls see the boy look at his kicks boy
    look at his car boy all i say is oh boy
    look mami i’m no good i’m so hood
    clap at your soldiers sober then leave after it’s over killa
    i’m not your companion or your man’s standin
    hit me when you wanna get rammed in i’ll be scramblin’
    with lots of mobsters shop for lobsters
    cops and robbers listen every block is blaka blaka
    but she like the way i diddy bop you peep that
    mink on mauri kicks plus chanel ski hat
    she want the boy so i give her the boy
    now she screamin’ out boy boy boy boy killa killa
    now she playin’ with herself cam dig it out lift her up
    ma it’s just a fuck girl get it out pick on up
    they want the boy montana with guns with bandanas
    listen to my homeboy santana

    juelz santana
    y’all niggas can’t fuck with the boy i’m tellin’ ya boy
    put a shell in ya boy now he bleedin’ oh boy
    get him call his boy he wheezin’ he need his boy
    he screamin’ boy boy boy boy
    damn shut up boy he’s snitchin’ oh boy
    this nigga’s bitchin’ boy he’s twisted oh boy
    if feds was listenin’ boy damn whoa whoa c’mon
    i’m in trouble need bail money shit
    where the fuck is my boy i got trust for my boy
    that’s why i fuck with my boy that’s my nigga oh boy
    he gon’ come get his boy he got love for his boy
    that’s my boy boy boy boy uh huh uh huh

    when he got caught with the boy we went to court for the boy
    just me and my boy and we sayin’ oh boy
    be on the block with my boy with the rock or the boy
    when the cops come squalie
    yeah this is for the sports cars bonita’s jimmy’s
    pj’s old school eighteenth at the sports bar
    eight or nine on the boy holla at your boy
    killa holla listen
    it’s the dip boy plus the roc boy
    you’ll be doa boy your moms will say oh boy
    shit ain’t no stoppin’ ’em guns we got a lot of ’em
    shit matter of fact guru start poppin’ ’em
    then slap up this boy clap up his boy
    wrap up his boy get them gats oh boy
    diplomats are them boy for the girls and the boy
    say boy boy boy boy

    4 juelz santana
    now when they see cam and his boy they say damn oh boy
    santana’s that boy that squeeze hammers oh boy
    cannons and bandanas blammers we don’t brandish
    blam at your man’s canvas then scram with your man’s leaded
    and i’m back with my boy

    5 cam’ron
    until that man is vanished
    away in the grand canyon these kids are grand standin’
    niggas demand ransom over them grams scramblin’
    boy boy boy boy
    well fuck it van damme ’em cam’ll blam blam ’em
    call up his boy i’m down south tannin’
    mami i got the remedy tommy’s up at the enemy
    homi’s and bodies but now my body you’re feelin’ finicky
    killa and capo we chill in morocco for reala
    we got dough chinchilla dough and fill with them hollows huh
    it’s the boy i said it’s the boy
    i’m the boy boy boy boy killa

    Artist: Cam Ron Featuring Juelz Santana

    Year: 2002

    Decade: 00s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 353