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No More Lyrics By Ruff Endz

    ooh babe oh girl
    no more no more
    bounce baby bounce baby
    you can move uh
    check it out

    baby relax sit back and chill yeah
    just give me a second
    and let me tell you how i feel
    cause all around town you’ve been steppin’ out
    runnin’ your mouth about
    what made you think i wouldn’t find out
    wasn’t i there for you
    truly cared for you
    maybe my love was just too good
    could’ve had it good now the love is gone
    and went back to your hood with the 54’s on

    does he lace you with the finer things
    does he make ya wanna scream his name
    does he hit it from the front to back
    did you let him break it down like that
    should’ve told me the love was gone
    never thought that you’d do me wrong
    girl i thought that your love was strong
    ’til i saw you in another man’s arms

    no more shopping sprees
    no more late night creeps
    no more vip
    no more dough
    we can’t even kick it no more

    i saw you on the ave’ and i laughed
    in the backseat beeeze spilling henney in his lap
    thought it was me that you was all about
    but i’m having doubts
    cause i see you tryna play me out
    but when the brother called the crib with beef
    didn’t i represent you
    when i caught him in the streets
    so let me get the keys to lex and no more checks
    and no more hanging baguettes around your neck babe



    no more i want no more
    baby i want no more

    repeated until fade

    Artist: Ruff Endz

    Year: 2000

    Decade: 00s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 124