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No Cap Lyrics By Future Young Thug

    southside on the track yeah
    we just choppin’ it up

    take it out the bank go put it up
    got my main ho put up
    straight off the lot go put it up
    my last two foreigns pulled up
    straight out the bank go put it up
    everybody in the hood gon’ pull up
    i got ’em on xans and the roxies
    the homie done ran with the thotties
    every week i change my closet
    got a fendi store in my house
    got a bentley garage in my house
    got a watch on my wrist cost a house
    my bitch can’t sleep at my house
    make her sleep at a hotel now
    and when you talk man you talkin’ all cap
    and your diamonds they lookin’ like tap
    i was always duckin’ from the paps
    keep an rb bitch in my lap
    out in beverly hills i adapt
    but i still had to ride with that strap

    young thug
    yellow diamonds like banana that’s cap
    put some dirt in mello yello no cap
    rockin’ maison margielas that’s cap
    red bitch cinderella no cap
    i can turn perro
    i can turn petrol
    bad bitch out a ghetto
    east lake meadows
    i was ’bout to get better
    still trappin’ fuck berettas
    rolls royce umbrella
    gettin’ dome at coachella
    yeah hop out the coupe and tittyfuck her
    yeah free bobby shmurda motherfuck the rikers
    i’ma lean back in the ‘bach she suck like lollisuckers
    i lied when i said i love her
    backstabbed the bitch like i’m myer michaels

    my lil’ blooda keep a stick on the seat
    he gon’ brrrt brrrt brrrt ’til your heart stop beat
    i’m a zone 6 nigga and i’m riding in a foreign
    fuck a bad yellow bitch anytime i get bored nigga huh
    i’m a giant on these streets nigga huh
    switch my bitch once a week nigga huh
    onepointfive in my goyard huh
    gon’ need a way bigger surfboard huh
    i bust down my plain yachtmaster with bezels
    i flew her out to vegas swear to god forgot to hit her
    i made ’em quit they jobs then i gave ’em to my niggas
    i gave her a little startup money and put her in a rental
    i send my ethiopian to go pray at the temple
    i flood her heart with diamonds just to pray it’s so expensive
    she tastin’ holy water so for me it’s beneficial
    she caught the holy ghost when i gave her the presidential

    young thug
    rockin’ maison margielas that’s cap

    Artist: Future Young Thug

    Year: 2017

    Decade: 10s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 254