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My Kinda Girl Lyrics By Babyface

    there is no doubt
    not for a minute
    you’ve always been
    my heart’s number one
    and number two

    girl you were right there
    and i won’t forget it
    by my side
    for all those nights
    i had to hold on to you

    if there’s one thing that i know
    girl you are my heart and soul
    when i needed love indeed
    you were always there for me

    and i’ll make love stay
    ’til my dying day
    and it really makes me feel good
    just to say

    after all that we’ve been through
    it’s so nice to know
    someone like you still cares for me
    ’cause you’re my kinda lady

    and no matter what i do
    i promise that i’ll keep on
    loving you pretty baby
    ’cause you’re my kinda lady

    you’re my kinda girl

    now i know
    that nothing could separate us
    you’ll always be my girl
    i will always be your man

    we go as far as love’s gonna take us
    to the room of love
    we’ll zoom
    long as we’re hand in hand

    repeat hook

    repeat x

    you’re my kinda girl
    my kinda girl
    my kinda girl

    i get a real good feeling
    deep inside my soul
    girl when you’re around
    i just lose control

    and i can’t stop thinking
    ’bout the way i feel
    girl you are the only one
    that gives me chills

    and i can’t stop lover
    ’cause you mean too much
    i start to lose it girl
    whenever we touch

    we got too much time
    and that’s for sure
    we need to stay together
    and never let go

    my kinda girlie
    you’re my kinda girl
    you’re my kinda girl

    ’cause you’re my kinda girl


    you’re my kinda girl
    my kinda girl
    you’re my kinda girl

    Artist: Babyface

    Year: 1990

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 155