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La La La (If I Had You) Lyrics By Bobby Sherman

    la la la la la la
    there ain’t nothing in this world i couldn’t do
    la la la la la la
    my dreams would all come true if i had you

    i’m just a lonely boy in a great big lonely world
    someone like you could make my dreams come true
    then all the mountains i could climb
    if you’d just put your hand in mine
    there ain’t nothing in the world i couldn’t do

    you can make a rainy day sunny in my mind
    you make the world seem like a friend to me
    yeah there ain’t nothing i couldn’t do
    if you were there to see me through
    and i loved you and knew that you loved me

    i would feel ten feet tall if you were at my side
    three ain’t nothing in this world i couldn’t do
    kings would give up thrones to be
    in love for just one hour like me
    and that’s the way i’d feel if i had you


    Artist: Bobby Sherman

    Year: 1969

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 84