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Hurricane Lyrics By The Click

    it’s just like moonshine have you on your face
    i mean you’ll be slutterin’ and what not
    next thing you know you don’t know how you got home
    i mean this shit is so damn serious playboy
    i mean the shit reminds me of pruno or something like that you dig what i say
    but anyway

    e40 and blegit
    i’m so tore look like my eyes been stitched together with stitches
    ho hoppin’ around wit these bitches get ya garbage dumped wit crickets
    but you know me the life of the party slurricane ethyl
    too much of me and make ya fight ya folks and dr jekyll
    like the other day i gulped too many swallows
    had them niggas actin’ bad at the club wit them hollows
    havin’ limp dick problems tryna get it up
    well oh well one cup of me will have your shit on still
    i wakes up in the mornin’ and i’m separated
    in the bag wit my homies and i sure hate it
    grenadine he be trippin’ ’cause they don’t respect him
    that nigga rum man that nigga gets dumb
    i can’t wait until they mix me
    i’m goin’ in they mouth down they throat into they kidneys
    hurricane’s havin’ muthafucka’s seein’ thangs
    courage juice watch when i get loose

    x sugat
    hurricane but you can call me slurricane
    slurricane strong enough to start a engine mayne

    dshot and sugat
    i’m pervin’ swervin’ fuckin’ wit tycoon shit
    shit it’s time to swip up another mix
    smob to the sto’ oh
    it’s 5 got to catch charlie ‘fore he close
    too many hoes at the studio that ain’t lit
    i likes to bring out the freak in a nasty bitch
    studio ton pop on that shit that ‘vitti wrote
    freaky freak freaky
    my crevice got hot seat sweat and all
    that hurricane ethyl ain’t no joke it’ll make a playa fall
    creepy eyes on the stick he bought
    pump up fools straight check ’em
    make ’em thinkin’ men are all
    nah nah hit a beedy can’t be greedy gotta stay strong
    but if i get broken off a deal i can’t go wrong
    this trick juice will have a fool on his face
    worse than that bumpy face gin with no fuckin’ chase

    blegit and e40
    light up the muthafuckin’ indo weed
    me and my niggas at the bar keyed
    walkin’ threw the joint on stumble
    they bumpin’ ‘da bumble’
    face like i hate the taste but now i’m humble
    whisper to a bitch ‘baby i been watchin’ you’
    but when i’m pervin’ everything be lookin’ cute
    so if you get the boot when my hangover sober
    don’t even trip get yo’ shit out my range rover
    i gets to put it how this spanish fly ninetyfin
    influence yo’ bitch to go both ways and eat her best friend
    shit locked down muthafucka don’t be carin’
    who ridin’ wit my dank cousin victor baron
    hurricane but you can call me slurricane
    strong enough to start a engine mayne
    and that’s what we do for the nineteen ninetyfin
    and we out this biotch
    out this biotch


    Artist: The Click

    Year: 1995

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 306