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How Far Lyrics By Martina Mcbride

    there’s a boat i could sail away
    there’s the sky i could catch a plane
    there’s a train there’s the tracks
    i could leave and i could choose to not come back
    oh never come back
    there you are giving up the fight
    here i am begging you to try
    talk to me let me in
    but you just put your wall back up again
    oh when’s it going to end

    how far do i have to go to make you understand
    i want to make this work so much it hurts but i just can’t
    keep on giving go on living with the way things are
    so i’m going to walk away
    and it’s up to you to say how far

    there’s a chance i could change my mind
    but i won’t not till you decide
    what you want what you need
    do you even care if i stay or leave
    oh what’s it going be

    out of this chair or just across the room
    halfway down the block or halfway to the moon

    yeahi’m gonna walk away
    and it’s up to you to say how far

    Artist: Martina Mcbride

    Year: 2004

    Decade: 00s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 88