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Hollywood Lyrics By Connie Francis

    whose jalopy is covered with junk
    but don’t have any money for lunch
    it’s hollywood it’s hollywood

    who’s the local star
    with the big fine car
    it’s hollywood

    who wears the shady glasses after dark
    who tries to talk the little girlie’s into parking
    it’s hollywood hollywood

    who’s the local yokel with
    the horn rimmed bifocals
    it’s hollywood
    go go go

    who else would hold a cigarette like that
    who else would wear a little frenchy’s hat
    no one but hollywood hollywood

    who thinks he’s been around
    but ain’t never been out of town
    it’s hollywood

    i’ll give you just one little guess
    at who old hollywood’s trying to impress
    you’re right it’s hollywood hollywood

    who’s that farmer
    who think he’s a charmer
    it’s hollywood

    yeah it’s hollywood all right
    here hollywood here’s a quarter
    go buy yourself some ah continental pants
    ascot cigarette holder etc etc

    Artist: Connie Francis

    Year: 1961

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 91