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Heartache All Over The World Lyrics By Elton John

    well i’m running away
    from this house on the hill
    there’s a devil inside
    sitting on the window sill
    and it’s a wild friday night
    and i’m all on my own
    i knocked on every door in town
    there isn’t one little girl that’s home

    and everybody’s got a date
    and the ones that ain’t are tired
    what the hell do you do on a weekend honey
    when your heart’s on fire

    and you can go from tokyo to rome
    looking for a girl
    but it looks to me like the weekend means
    heartache all over the world
    girls girls girls
    have pity on me
    oh it looks to me like the weekend means
    heartache heartache all over the world
    he’s got lipstick on his collar
    she’s got fishnets on her legs
    i’m at home and i’ve got nothing
    just a cold and aching head
    there must be something dirty
    just blame it on the magazines
    don’t read that trash it’ll drive you crazy
    because the cops invade your dreams

    Artist: Elton John

    Year: 1986

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 87