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Heart Don’t Lie Lyrics By Latoya Jackson

    latoya jackson
    heart don’t lie
    heart don’t lie
    nobody try things hide
    from what you feel inside
    five long month’s we’ve been going steady
    i know it seems like a long time
    when i ask the question you say you’re not ready
    i’m sure it’s time for this right now
    don’t try to hide it
    with words that just aren’t true
    it’s showing in your eyes
    i see it so do you
    ‘cuz your heart don’t lie
    you can tell me any old thing
    heart don’t lie
    it won’t let you be deceiving
    you know your heart don’t lie
    i don’t want your life just want to share it
    want the same thing though i just don’t know
    so throw away your mask and set your heart freee
    love’s a masquerede girl can’t you see
    why try to hide it with words that just aren’t true
    you know you want me ’cause i feel it and so do you
    brother you’re looking nice
    love me and your heart don’t lie
    latoya vamp

    Artist: Latoya Jackson

    Year: 1984

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 86