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Happy With You Lyrics By Samantha Cole

    samantha cole berry cosgrove kevin clarke

    thinkin’ about you baby all of the time
    i wake in the morning with you on my mind
    i think i must be dreaming too good to be true
    and it’s so amazing just what love can do

    baby you’ve given me the sweetest emotions
    and now that i’ve found you i’m never gonna
    let you go

    because i’m with you

    my dreams have come true
    and baby i’m oh so happy with you
    i feel so alive
    cause this love is so right
    and that’s why i’m so happy with you

    whenever you’re around me i need your touch
    ooh you drive me crazy i want you so much
    keep doing what you’re doing cause it
    feels so good
    and it’s so amazinging that’s what love can do

    Artist: Samantha Cole

    Year: 1997

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 62