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Getto Jam Lyrics By Domino

    here we go here we go as the tune starts to bloom
    with a phat phat phat
    if this is og
    the freaks would ya move ya booties
    the getto jam is about to slam
    with some notes from the diggady de
    as i key what’s really goin on
    would ya reminisce with mee

    saturday mornin’ just gettin up
    with a hangover smellin’ like i fucked
    i really can’t remember cause i’m still kinda faded
    so i close my eyes and thank god that i made it
    now i’m gettin flashbacks of some oj
    with a green glass says tanqueray
    took it to the head gulped it down with the quickness
    now i need a bitch so i can handle my business
    what do you know a freak’s in my reach
    threw her on the flo’ stuck it in her deep
    she’s screamin and she’s screamin and she’s screamin gettin hoarse
    but then i busted a nut and that was that
    so kick the

    my homies are down chillin’ in the hood
    but them hood bitches well they ain’t no good
    to another man well she might be some good cat
    but homies in the hood label her as a hood rat
    she’s scandalous
    so those with game can fuck
    and ooh she’ll clown your ass real fast if you’re quick to nut
    and when you’re in that thiing
    she’ll make a nigga sing
    duhdudway duhdumdway duhdumdway
    but you don’t hear me doe
    ain’t nuthin wrong with being a trojan man when ya ridin
    so let’s kick the please if ya like it

    my homie’s clownin’ in his dope yellow chevy
    too od’ed to be dropped
    kenwood’s kickin that funk in the trunk
    clean with the rag on top yeah
    rollin down the ‘shaw guess what we saw some bitches
    the finest one is on my nuts she’s blowing kisses
    so i approached the freak of the week
    and i played it like a game of blackjack
    and for all that ass that she toted around
    well i offered a backpack
    and since i’m a mack
    well you know how the story goes
    so all ya hoes and their bros here we go


    Artist: Domino

    Year: 1993

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 185