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Gangstas Make The World Go Round Lyrics By Westside Connection

    produced by cedric samson ice cube

    ice cube
    i’m gettin’ dizzy as the world keeps spinnin’ like a frisbee
    gangstas and girls make the world twirl
    no hesitation i can run a nation from incarceration
    0 years is what i’m facin’
    but give me 7 seas and g’s
    i make enough cheese to bring wall street to its knees
    nigga please i got enough guns
    to fill the empire state building full of ‘s
    go to school is what you tell us
    but niggas in school is scared of the goodfellas
    we got the yayo you can just say no
    but nobody makes a fuckin’ move until i say so
    that’s how it is and that’s how it’s gonna be
    kids when you grow up who the fuck you wanna be
    like me ya black superhero
    got enough zeros to hire bob shapiro
    ya honor i’mma have to get rid of ya
    because it ain’t no trivia about my flat in west bolivia
    i blew the jury a kiss they rather dismiss
    than swim with the big fish
    you fuckin’ guppies

    gangsta’s make the world go round

    nine just saggin’ wavin’ my flag and
    never will i ease up nigga so stop askin’
    see i was taught as a tiny locin’ on the set
    it’s all about the pussy and money fuck the rest
    nigga what tech is quicker to collect when i’m seekin’
    all the jewelry and the money so miss me with that preachin’ teachin’
    fuck all that bullshit i want to slang yay like noriega
    sit back watch my paper
    collect like the irs
    as i kick it with 50 bitches all on my dick just like the president
    and like the police i want a gang of killers all on my side
    that’s down to lie more crooked that st ides rip ride
    on my behalf as i call shots as if i was saddam hussein
    jackin’ motherfuckers for dana danes
    hated by many but i don’t care because i rather be feared than loved
    with a pocket full of dubs
    ’cause gangsta gangsta’s make the world go round
    and if you want a piece then you best to be down
    so quit chastisin’ me analyzin’ me
    and like the escorts look over your shoulder nigga what’s plain to see
    crooked ass cowards

    gangstas make the world go round

    mack 0
    60 degrees like my d’s the world be spinnin’
    nigga’s been sinnin’ since the beginnin’
    history’s a trip so i peep when i am readin’
    nigga’s probably grew weed in the garden of eden
    before big ballin’ six cars and loot
    its like bitches been scandalous bitin’ forbidden fruit
    but gangsta’s don’t deal with that shit on the westside
    and since they regulatin’ hoes i rolls with the best side
    so check it as my lifetime is tickin’
    comin’ up strong lickin’ and flippin’ chickens
    need cheese in amounts of g’s
    i gave up sports to slang key’s
    but blamed it on my knees
    make sure i got what i need to make up your order
    everything from baggies triple beams to jugs for my water
    like a snitch life’s a bitch a world full of drama
    drug paraphernalia being found by my momma
    trauma brings the sad song yo momma sings just served your ass you on your way to killa king nigga
    so now i stand with heat in hand
    for my whole life span ’cause evil lurks the land
    plus i got a packet with this gangbang jacket
    gotta hold it keep it loaded devoted since quoted
    fo sho one0 got the ups on these prankstas
    while my world keep twistin’ as a westside gangsta
    fo’ life nigga

    gangstas make the world go round
    westside is the best side
    gangstas make the world go round
    hittin’ vicks for the ’96 nigga
    gangstas make the world go round
    gangstas make the world go round
    ice cube i’m the don of the clique
    gangstas make the world go round
    dubc put it down with this connection
    gangstas make the world go round
    mack 0 straight stompin’ and chicken hookin’
    gangstas make the wooorld go round

    Artist: Westside Connection

    Year: 1997

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 410