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Gangsta Bitch Lyrics By Apache

    hook apache
    i need a gangsta bitch a gangsta bitch
    i want a gangsta bitch yo a gangsta bitch
    i wanna gangsta boogie with my gangsta bitch
    i want a gangsta bitch i need a gangsta bitch
    repeat x

    yo i need a gangsta bitch she don’t sleep and she don’t play
    stickin up girls from around the fuckin way
    strapped but lovable hateful but huggable
    always in trouble and definitely fuckable
    see her now booms and pounds she’s mine friend
    puffin on a blunt sippin on a heineken
    she’s got charm a firearm to match mine
    going to the movies packin’ hisandher nines
    wearin carhartt and leather motherfuck the weather
    on valentine’s day doin stickups together
    no one to blame no shame in her game
    and when we fuck she makes me scream out her name
    she’s not petty confident ready
    right for late night we play fight with machetes
    this goes out to all the gangsta ho pros
    give me a ghetto girl fuck a soul train ho


    she likes to party with her posse and drink beer
    pour a little bit out for the sisters who ain’t here
    she’s not the one player you might get done
    her idea of fun’s takin her son shoppin for a gun
    likes to dress to impress quick to attack
    when your punkass boys run you know she’s got your back
    in a benz with her friends amg kit
    drivin down the street pumpin apache you ain’t shit
    snappin on niggas takin no shorts
    sittin on a porch pullin on a newport
    minds her business knows ’cause she hears things
    fat herringbone and diamond studded earrings
    she’s a thoroughbred walks and talks with class
    try to get fast she just might slap your ass
    come meet my moms but the two might not click
    parents just don’t understand


    i had a church girl quiet girl one girl was rich
    the most memorable girl was a gangsta bitch
    we went out a lot sometimes we dressed the same
    lickin shots in the park and had pet names
    i called her ‘dollars’ ’cause that’s what she liked to spend
    she called me ‘diamond’ cause my dick was her best friend
    if you owed her dough then you had to pay
    bought her an ak for her st birthday
    we packed up and shacked up didn’t need a job
    engaged to a criminal and married to the mob
    i gave mcs injuries and beat ’em down
    while she’s pickin up ki’s from uptown
    sad to say one day got caught out there
    i shed a tear when the judge said five years
    she’s gone now so it’s time to make my switch
    so who’ll be my next gangsta bitch


    Artist: Apache

    Year: 1993

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 259