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Feelings Of Forever Lyrics By Tiffany

    if there was no tomorrow
    then tonight would never end
    if we could freeze the hands of time
    i would stay here in your arms
    and not go back again

    ’cause all i want
    is for you to hold me now
    and we can make it through
    this night together

    and all i need
    is for you to show me how
    ’cause nothing can stop
    this feeling of forever

    ooh ooh
    ooh ooh

    i’ve never felt this close enough
    lying here face to face
    far beneath the silver sky
    and there’s no one around
    to chase this night away


    the world is ours tonight
    as long as we just believe
    the feelings that we hold inside are
    in every heart that beats
    and these feelings of forever


    Artist: Tiffany

    Year: 1988

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 65