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Fat Boy Lyrics By Max A Million

    ive been going thru a lot
    still im handy no cap
    because even when im sad
    my productionsata max
    im gettingcash
    you a mother fucking tax
    im inmy bag
    yours smelling like trash yeah

    im tryna get with some women
    of course im asking first
    she just tryna talk about life
    im down we matchin first
    rocket into space and backstroke along the comets
    yeah this girl got a celestial body but she from planet earth

    im in my notes writing songs and she heard it
    now i got her singing and her pitch fuckin perfect
    see im no max scherzer but im not in the rafters
    you get curved like batters i guess im a catcher

    pros would draft em but exposures a bitch
    wishing for riches when im lonely til im lonely and rich
    an impossible niche that im pillow talking to kim
    til she stop the convo short and ask me whats the sitch

    like whatcha mean whatcha want a fuckin label
    perspective interchangeable imma let it sit
    she just want the boy i just want the benjamins
    president callin but i send him to messages

    im the don how im mobbin got heads bobbin like pendulums my
    producer on the toms i catch a beat like edelman they
    say that theyre better than dom but scores will settle it
    in a fight for the life styled after the revenant

    but she can come along if shes got morals
    til my style blooms and shirts looking floral
    til the day we smoking reef in the whip colored coral
    she talks about death then ghosts in paranormal

    got me feelin immortal and her ex wanna quarrel
    she 8 and this aint the cold war its winter formal
    my allies got him dancing now hes seeing star shapes
    we dont pack guns little bitch we let the arms race

    showed that part to grand pop he say thats hot
    hes thankful im his heir not the rabbit or a bad mop
    but while were talking hair i might as well compare my shit bangs like im demi lovato way back in camp rock

    playboy bunnies coming quicker than a slapshot
    hockey sippin women so my brothers get no backwash
    though you so preppy im biased when saying chad stop
    my ego big my dough nuts im a fat cop

    yeah and now the college girls wanna
    bring me solace cuz they study
    quantum physics so they think they know my
    problems give me brain and ill be better by
    mañana screaming hakuna mafuckintata

    ive been going thru a lot
    still im handy no cap
    i really have though
    even when im sad
    my productions at a max
    a million in cash you a mufuckin tax
    im in my bag yours smellin like trash

    kinda sorta like you got your team inside a jansport
    sure i got a baddie with her feet up on the dashboard
    can you put your feet down please
    she aint the greatest ill know that i made it
    the day sex changes im not talking bout the trans form

    yeah i gotcha mad like a pissed parent who
    had to keep the fucking child in a split marriage
    now they gotta bring the fuckin child while they run errands whose
    running round and acting up its gotcha so embarrassed

    i got bars little bitch thats for damn sure
    but if shes taking xans its a no if she cams worse
    but if she wanna treat me right
    then im baby no pampers

    honeys yelling bout me like theyre on the maury povich
    im not a father but monitor sounds got me awoken
    still lonely how i coast
    smoking stogies thinking bout the wide open while doors

    Artist: Max A Million

    Year: 1995

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 387