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Far Away Lyrics By Marsha Ambrosius

    so sad to see you go so soon
    i know that you ain’t comin’ back
    in the beginnin’ everything was cool
    toward the end of it all it’s all bad
    i know i played my part in making it what it is
    and i know that you did the same
    i guess i’m up outta here
    i’m movin’ on again i sure that you will understand
    i played by the rules you played by the game
    i couldn’t have stayed it’s easier to say
    cause i was by your side when you went through the pain
    i guess it doesn’t matter now that you’re so far away

    and every minute you’re gone i missin’ you so
    i can’t believe that you’re far away
    can’t get you out of my mind
    boy you’re out of my life
    i can’t believe that you’re far away
    and it would be different if you could here me baby
    now that you’re so far away ay ay ay

    tear stains on my pillow
    tryin’ to forget ya
    don’t know what i’m gonna do
    four day and countin’ i’ve been layin’ here
    starin’ myself in the mirror all alone in my room
    i can’t feel this way again
    gotta think with my head
    cause my heart is what go me here
    so hurt from what you done
    more than enough reasons for me to move on
    cause i gave you my word you put you’re trust in me
    supposed to be the one
    to give you what you need
    i was by your side when we were meant to be
    guess it doesn’t matter now that you’re so


    if i had known sunday morning that you would be gone
    i would’ve never come home
    i wouldn’t have answered my phone to hear the voice had a tone
    i knew that something was wrong
    the cop’s the one who had told me that you were alone inside an empty room
    identified you as my baby
    oh my baby so far away

    musical break

    please come back i miss you baby

    will you ever need me
    without you i can’t go on

    Artist: Marsha Ambrosius

    Year: 2011

    Decade: 10s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 156