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Faces Of Love Lyrics By Nia Peeples

    you’re just a young boy
    caught up in your dreams
    you think there’s no place
    that you’ve never been
    tell me have you ever seen

    the faces of love

    been through the desert
    i’ve been through the rain
    i’ve crossed the border
    where pleasure meets pain

    once you have seen through me eyes
    you won’t be the same
    oh no no

    i could show your heart
    another side
    all the colors
    that make up your light
    so many secrets
    that you’re gonna realize
    look into the mirror of my eyes

    i know a pilot
    if you’ll take my hand
    we’ll sail to waters
    to uncharted land
    where we can both understand
    the faces of love

    so many places
    where true hearts can go
    so many flowers
    in my garden grow
    oh boy i want you to know
    the faces of love

    sing it la la la

    baby can you tell me
    oh boy have you ever seen
    the faces of love

    i’ll be there to show you things you never knew
    if you would look into my eyes
    i’m sure you’d realize
    everything you’ve been missin’ boy
    in your heart and in your mind

    i wanna make you understand

    Artist: Nia Peeples

    Year: 1992

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 98