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Eye To Eye Lyrics By Go West

    maybe it’s the wrong time
    but when is the right time to say i lied
    i’ve been keeping secrets
    could this be the last time we say goodbye

    here we are
    eye to eye no conversation
    you know what i’m going to say
    eye to eye it’s a sad situation
    girl have i thrown it away

    i was missing you missing you
    i needed someone to comfort me
    when you closed the door baby
    how could i know that i still had the key

    your love never thought that i would lose it
    my love won’t you tell me what it takes to prove it
    all i want is your love

    it’s all up to you girl
    i just couldn’t keep it to myself
    she was nothing to me
    and you know in your heart
    i don’t want anyone else

    Artist: Go West

    Year: 1985

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 60