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Everybody Loves A Nut Lyrics By Johnny Cash

    everybody loves a nut the whole world loves a weirdo
    brains are in a rut but everybody loves a nut

    there was a hermit named fred who kept the dead horse in his cave
    and everyone said to fred
    fred how come you keep a dead horse in your cave and he said well

    a columbia man named frank had a tiger named hank
    he tried to put hank in his tank guess what happened to frank
    when they picked up the teets there and eyeballs
    and erected a tombstone that read
    everybody loves a nut
    another columbia fellow told queen isabella
    i don’t think the world is flat and now what do you think about that
    and she said you don’t and he said no ma’m
    and she said he’d get out of my queendom and he said yes ma’m

    everybody loves a nutx

    Artist: Johnny Cash

    Year: 1966

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 76