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El Trago (The Drink) Lyrics By 2 In A Room

    it seems imma have to get this going
    time to show out and throw out the craziness im forming
    i need liquor to better paint this picture
    i call triback
    whut up
    tell me where the party at
    up in the spot leaning on the wall
    bottle in hand i hear the voice of drunkenness call
    people start to notice
    gossip about the motives
    i can’t think straight but thats how i keep focus
    i dont two step i just vibe
    to the sounds of whatever feels right
    my shoulders bounce cause of hypnotic and henny
    my feet move to the flow of ciroc red berry
    words slurred
    eyes bloodshot burned
    not to mention my eye eye eye vision is blurred
    yall ready ima do this once so please follow
    this is the way you party like there ain’t no tommorrow


    put your drink up do the off beat dance
    do what you do to this off beat dance
    dejen que el alcohol las arrebaten
    dejate de pena que esto es gozadera


    mamita esto na mas es pal momento
    me encanta como te vez pero ya tu sabes eso
    anhelo que el alcohol nos lleve a tu apartamento
    y demostarte porque me dicen el hombre de hacero
    el bailoteo me tiene mariado
    pero de buenas a primeras me tienes concentrado
    en tu cuerpo y tu piel
    la manera que te mueves tan illusa sin poder detener
    pa ariba pa abajo
    mi mente da vueltas disfrutando tus encantos
    borracho con la botella en mi mano
    pero todavia sigo gozando
    el alcohol me tiene observando belleza
    seas tu o esta otra hembra
    que sera que hago me meto otro trago
    o me voy con esta hembra a bailar a otro lado

    get loose
    come on
    dance and break rules
    get the bottles and ladies to the other room
    you know how it goes it gets liver than live
    if you fall down
    get up
    cause you doing it right
    bottles to the head
    what up
    girls getting bent
    thats right
    acting a fool forgetting what you said

    dale como quieras
    dame mas botellas
    estas la noche tuya y mia cosa bella

    repeat hook

    Artist: 2 In A Room

    Year: 1994

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 262