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Duckworth. Lyrics By Kendrick Lamar

    bkon kid capri
    it was always me vs the world
    until i found it’s me vs me
    why why why why
    why why why why
    just remember what happens on earth stays on earth
    we gon’ put it in reverse

    ted taylor sampled
    darling i told you many times
    and i am telling you once again
    just to remind you sweetheart
    that my

    verse kendrick lamar
    oh lamar
    hail mary and marijuana times is hard
    pray with the hooligans shadows all in the dark
    fellowship with demons and relatives i’m a star
    life is one funny mothafucka
    a true comedian you gotta love him you gotta trust him
    i might be buggin’ infomercials and no sleep
    verted by my thoughts children listen it gets deep
    see once upon a time inside the nickerson garden projects
    the object was to process and digest poverty’s dialect
    adaptation inevitable gun violence crack spot
    federal policies raid buildings and drug professionals
    anthony was the oldest of seven
    wellrespected calm and collected
    laughin’ and jokin’ made life easier hard times mama on crack
    a fouryearold tellin’ his nanny he needed her
    his family history pimpin’ and bangin’
    he was meant to be dangerous clocked him a grip and start slangin’
    fifteen scrapin’ up his jeans with quarter pieces
    even got some head from a smoker last weekend
    dodged a policeman workin’ for his big homie
    smalltime hustler graduated to a brick on him
    0000 dollars out of a project housing that’s on the daily
    seen his first mil twenty years old had a couple of babies
    had a couple of shooters caught a murder case
    fingerprints on the gun they assumin’ but witnesses couldn’t prove it
    that was back when he turned his back and they killed his cousin
    he beat the case and went back to hustlin’
    birdshufflin’ anthony rang
    the first in the projects with the twotone mustang that 50 thing they say 50 came circlin’ parking lots and parking spots
    and hoppin’ out while harrassin’ the corner blocks
    crooked cops told anthony he should kick it
    he brushed ’em off and walked back to the kentucky fried chicken
    see at this chicken spot there was a lightskinned nigga that talked a lot
    with a curly top and a gap in his teeth he worked the window
    his name was ducky he came from the streets the robert taylor homes
    southside projects chiraq the terror dome
    drove to california with a woman on him and fivehundred dollars
    they had a son hopin’ that he’d see college
    hustlin’ on the side with a ninetofive to freak it
    cadillac seville he’d ride his son around on weekends
    threepiece special with his name on the shirt pocket
    ‘cross the street from the projects anthony planned to rob it
    stuck up the place before back in ’84
    that’s when affiliation was really at gears of war
    so many relatives tellin’ us sellin’ us devilish works killin’ us crime
    intelligent felonious prevalent proposition with 9’s
    ducky was wellaware
    they robbed the manager and shot a customer last year
    he figured he’d get on these niggas’ good sides
    free chicken every time anthony posted in line two extra biscuits
    anthony liked him and then let him slide they didn’t kill him
    in fact it look like they’re the last to survive pay attention
    that one decision changed both of they lives one curse at a time
    rethe manifest and good karma and i’ll tell you why
    you take two strangers and put ’em in random predicaments
    give ’em a soul so they can make their own choices and live with it
    twenty years later them same strangers you make ’em meet again
    inside recording studios where they reapin’ their benefits
    then you start remindin’ them about that chicken incident
    whoever thought the greatest rapper would be from coincidence
    because if anthony killed ducky top dawg could be servin’ life
    while i grew up without a father and die in a gunfight

    kendrick lamar
    thgifnug a ni eid dna rehtaf a tuohtiw pu werg i elihw
    efil ‘nivres eb dluoc gwad pot ykcud dellik ynohtna fi esuaceb
    ecnedicnioc morf eb dluow reppar tsetaerg eht thguoht reveohw
    tnedicni nekcihc taht tuoba meht ‘nidnimer trats uoy neht
    stifeneb rieht ‘nipaer yeht erehw soiduts gnidrocer edisni
    niaga teem me’ ekam uoy sregnarts emas meht retal sraey ytnewt
    ti htiw evil dna seciohc nwo rieht ekam nac yeht os luos a me’ evig
    stnemaciderp modnar ni me’ tup dna sregnarts owt ekat uoy
    yhw uoy llet ll’i dna amrak doog dna tsefinam eht esrever
    emit a ta esruc eno sevil yeht fo htob degnahc noisiced eno taht
    noitnetta yap
    erac tub
    tpecnoc etalucammi siht ekil eno ecnis retrauq eniacoc
    and ym edisni ytlayor tog ytlayol
    tog i tog i tog i tog i
    so i was takin’ a walk the other day

    Artist: Kendrick Lamar

    Year: 2017

    Decade: 10s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 516