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Don’t Say No Tonight Lyrics By Eugene Wilde


    what’s going on
    i’ve waited by the phone
    you said you’ll call at 8

    wellit’s a little after 9
    girl don’t hesistate yeah

    don’t say
    that something’s come up
    cause girl i’m on my way
    and i’ve got plans for
    you and i

    so don’t sayno tonight
    you know i’ll make you feel
    twice as nice

    so don’t sayno tonight
    girl ill make all your dreams
    come true

    i have’nt forgot
    what turns u on
    i’ll sing you my love songs
    to put your right in the mood
    we’ll get straight to the grooveyes we will

    i still know
    the right place to touch
    to make you want to stayyeah
    anywherethat i desire
    i’ll set your soulon fire

    repeat hook

    ohgive me a chance
    tonight we’ll find romance
    i think you should know
    girl i need u so
    i’ll never let u go
    so please don’t say no
    don’t say nonot tonight

    oh ooooh ooh ooh ooh oh
    don’t say no
    oh oooh ooh ooh oooh oooh ooh
    come in and close the door
    oh oooh ooh ooh oooh oooh ooh
    we’re gonna make love tonightyeah

    vamp ii
    i’ll turn the lights down low
    take my timeand do it nice and slow
    oh girli’ll have you screaming out for more
    so don’t try and fight it
    come inand close the door


    there won’t be no tv watching
    we’ll be making love tonight
    girli’ll put you in the mood
    we’ll go straightto the groove

    oohi’ll sing u a love song
    u and me
    dom perigon

    girl i’ll set your soul on fire
    my love will keep taking u
    higher and higher

    Artist: Eugene Wilde

    Year: 1986

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 178