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Don’t Let Go The Coat Lyrics By The Who

    i cannot be held responsible for blown behavior
    i lost all contact with my only savior
    noone locked me out because i failed to phone up
    i cannot bear to live forever like a loner

    do not let go the coat

    it is easy to be sad when you lack a partner
    but how would i react to a broken heart now
    it is not really true rock and roll unless i am
    hanging onto you and when i hold it next time

    i will not let go the coat

    i try to explain but you never understand it
    i need your body but i cannot just demand it
    i will not let go like a stray at heel
    never let it out of your sight
    every lonely wife knows the way i feel

    do not let go tonight
    do not let go the coat
    never let go the coat

    your friends all pass for life is just a market
    but you have to finish everything you started
    so i live my life tearing down the runway
    sure to get the hang of hanging in there someday

    do not let go the coat
    will get no more chances forget the war dances
    go blind and hang on do not try the slang son
    never let go the coat

    Artist: The Who

    Year: 1981

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 109