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Don’t Change On Me Lyrics By Ray Charles

    girl you’re my sunshine
    take away the raindrops
    make it all worthwhile
    make all the pain stop
    just like a river
    keep love flowing
    don’t let our world stop
    keep it going oh lord

    well i love you just the way you are
    honey don’t change on me yeah
    don’t you change on me
    i said don’t you change on me no no
    girl you’re my lucky star
    honey don’t change on me yeah
    oh please don’t change on me
    i keep begging don’t change on me yeah

    i used to wonder
    where would i find
    some kind of happiness
    and peace of mind
    i was living in darkness
    but then you came
    bringing the sunlight
    easing my pain god

    if there’s a heaven
    then this is my prayer
    i want to know you
    if we should meet there
    and then forever
    we’ll walk together
    nothing but sunshine
    no more stormy weather


    Artist: Ray Charles

    Year: 1971

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 75