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Don’t Blame The Children Lyrics By Sammy Davis Jr

    don’t blame it on the children
    you know we read in the papers
    and we hear on the air
    of killing and stealing
    and crime everywhere
    and we sigh and we say
    as we notice the trend
    this young generation
    where will it end
    but can we be sure
    that it’s their fault alone
    i mean that maybe a
    part of it isn’t our own
    are we less guilty
    who place in their way
    too many things
    that lead them astray
    like too much money to spend
    and too much idle time
    too many movies
    the kind of passion and crime
    too many books man
    that are not even fit to be read
    too much evil in what they hear said
    and too many children
    encouraged to roam
    by too many parents
    who won’t even stay at home
    don’t blame it on the children
    well man kids don’t make the movies
    and they don’t write the books
    and they don’t go out
    and paint gay pictures
    of gangsters and crooks
    they don’t make the liquor
    and they don’t run the bars
    and they don’t make the laws
    and they don’t buy the cars
    they don’t peddle junk that
    well that addles the brain
    that’s all done by older folks man
    greedy for gain
    delinquent teenagers oh man
    how quick we do condemn
    the sins of a nation
    and then go and blame it on them
    but the laws that are blameless
    the savior makes known
    now you tell me who is there
    among us to cast the first stone
    for in so many cases
    it’s sad but it’s true
    that the title delinquent
    fits older folks too
    don’t blame it on the children
    don’t blame it on the children
    don’t blame it on the children

    Artist: Sammy Davis Jr

    Year: 1967

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 134