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Do It Or Die Lyrics By Atlanta Rhythm Section

    don’t let your troubles make you cry
    don’t waste a moment wonderin’ why
    when everything goes wrong
    you have to go on
    and do it or die
    do it or die now
    stand your ground

    don’t let your bad breaks go gettin’ you down
    even when times get rough
    and you’ve had enough
    you still gotta try
    do it no matter what the people say
    they don’t even know you

    die before you let them stand in your way

    you should know that life is a gamble all along
    winners are losers who keep rollin’ on
    so go on and roll the dice
    you only live twice
    so do it or die

    Artist: Atlanta Rhythm Section

    Year: 1979

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 51