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Disco Queen Lyrics By Hot Chocolate

    don’t need no man to give her satisfaction
    all she needs is a playin’ high
    she don’t need no sweettalkin’ man tell her how much he loves her
    break her heart and leave her alone to cry

    yeah yeah music is her lover disco queen disco queen
    music turns her on and on
    music is her lover
    music turns her on and on disco queen disco queen

    she don’t need no kind of useless information
    but the way she moves when she’s dancin’ on the floor
    the disco queen’s aware she causes a sensation
    cause every head in the place to stop and stare

    no point in talkin’ you’re talkin’ to yourself
    the disco queen is away somewhere else
    you think your bumpin’ and you’re bumpin’ with yourself
    disco queen is high high high high high high

    Artist: Hot Chocolate

    Year: 1975

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 74