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Dirty Iyanna Lyrics By Youngboy Never Broke Again


    youll never make me lose
    so why you bragging on me
    your ways was cruel i wasfooled
    iwas too blindfor to see
    my id cover thenews
    seems only trouble i keep
    you was the one i would choose
    choose for to be there for me
    can’t tell me not to do this because i do what i want
    we came up out the street
    straight from the block selling raw
    she said she never would leave
    soon as she left it was hard
    i wanted her here with me
    she left me out with my boys
    but i say thats okay
    protect my heart with that rod
    im running far out your reach
    i mean as far as the stars
    might have to cancel my cards
    don’t come out after dark
    i see she won’t leave me lone
    she slashed the tires on my car

    dirty iyanna oh
    dirty iyanna oh
    dirty iyanna oh
    dirty iyanna

    forever we get it i’m sick of these bitches they flow in my head ah
    we be chasing the riches however you want it
    aim straight for the head ah
    and she know that i love her she want me to cuff her
    i think shell hurt me i never would let her
    i’m sending condolences inside of a letter
    still trappin’ like griselda
    no it ain’t safe in these streets all alone ah
    no we don’t play keep that heat we take his soul ah
    even though when im wrong i ain’t never gon’ lie
    if i feel that i owe you i’m gon’ make it right
    i’ll be thuggin’ and keepin’ my head to the sky
    double back on a lap by myself and i cry
    in the bed while i’m dreaming behind you i die
    before that can happen i let off that fire
    trappin’ and rappin’ we shoot to the top
    after i’m asking can we have a child
    after heartbreak ill cut off relations
    but i be thinkin’ ’bout you on the daily
    tell my niggas what up and they say that i’m crazy
    remember wit’ you all them hoes they hatin’

    dirty iyanna oh
    dirty iyanna oh
    dirty iyanna no
    dirty iyanna dirty iyanna
    iyanna iyanna
    dirty iyanna

    Artist: Youngboy Never Broke Again

    Year: 2019

    Decade: 10s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 192