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Did You See Her Eyes Lyrics By The Illusion

    for the lord god a newborn term
    shit upon your heads my bodies
    shit upon your heads
    i am theone called anganok
    the sad imortal anganok

    eternityis heavenly
    let me set you straight
    it’s boring here and lonesome
    likecoldfoodon a paperplate

    here it’s justus pale ghosts
    with nothing to do but worry
    each day begins and ends the same
    watching the human’s hurry
    oh look there’s one over there
    there’s a human behind the tree
    and over there a little baby
    isn’t he cute

    but that was not for me
    i could not sit and watch
    i was an artist
    at least i used to be

    before i arrived here
    and quickly misplaced
    my personality

    so instead i commanded
    i conjured i evoked
    even though it’s frowned upon
    even though it’s not done

    instead i commanded
    i conjured i evoked
    i kicked the other human
    and i called him my son

    my demon my saviour my ace in the hole
    all i needed all i wanted
    was a son was a soul was a son was a soul
    my son my soul

    what could i repress
    still it burns
    if i’d been more selective
    taken a little bit longer
    i’ll need a brighter boy
    would the story be the same
    would i still be to blame
    the year it was 80
    the raging sea
    of the cold new england coast
    and hear’s a sailor’s toast

    to the most fearless captain who’d ever sailed the sea
    the man of name zahumnia and that plaque belongs to me

    my demon my saviour my ace in the hole
    all i needed all i wanted
    was a son was a soul was a son was a soul
    my son my soul

    the wave relinquished me
    over everything everything
    sand and blood and everything everything
    water and wood and everything
    bones of the living bones of the dead
    bones of the dead
    over you over me over everything
    fetch me my harpoon mr smith
    aye aye cap’n

    what colour is the sea today mr smith
    it is the color of tears captain
    wild black tears with colors and smoking red fire
    she’s all ablaze with fury captain
    mr smith
    yes captain
    did you ever see the colour of her eyes

    once they were the color of birchbark
    no that’s not right
    swollen puss colored like death they were water mixed with blood
    no that’s not right
    they were the color of ripped lungs of poison of death it stinks
    there she was i looked deep into her eyes and they talked at me with a smell
    a smell

    the wind’s picking up captain
    like the stench of a million dead fish all rushing at once up my nose until it exploded agh
    you’ll be sure to tell us when the wind begins to carry us like that mr smith

    you’ll be the first to know captain
    you take the wheel now mr crow here will take the watch there you go be off now
    aye aye captain

    ship’s log june 6th 80 nothing like
    today i felt her again i know she is nearby
    her bubbles come up from below
    i know
    and soon we shall look upon each other face to face

    the great whale
    the great transparent whale returns
    the great whale
    the great transparent whale returns
    the one without color with liquid skin
    the great whale
    the great transparent whale that is the very shape of terror agh

    easy my captain this is all but fancy
    fancy call ye my fear fancy my terror my bleeding nose fancy
    um but captain if the whale be truly transparent how shall we know to see it
    i am captain here i will tell you what to see though you will never comprehend
    see anything yet captain
    mercy captain

    suddenly it comes to me the beast cannot be chased down it is waiting there just beyond the horizon waiting for me to come
    how blind i have been
    thar she blows
    thar she blows
    avast lower the longboat the time has come be not afraid your fate is in my hands now
    into the boat now
    row harder it is close
    captain there’s nothing there

    listen there it is the sound of her blowhorn the roar
    the roars my dear
    listen to the roar
    captain let’s turn back
    pull steady men it be close it be beneath us now
    pull steady
    pull steady

    a moment of silence means the devil is near come to frighten us away
    kiss my ass fish face
    oh god sake’s captain
    she rises
    jesus it stinks augh
    thar she’s huge beyond compare it’s open jaws bigger than the sky behold the snapping skeletons of the dead
    who dangle and flap
    dangle and flap against the claggy dentine cliff
    and the smell
    the smell’s so strong that it penetrates you and desenses all but my face augh

    i caught his nose then i caught his eyes and he caught mine
    i looked at my crew all frozen white in terror and then myself suddenly frozen too
    like them i was suddenly white
    like them i was suddenly small
    of the same stuff were we my crew and i
    each of us human
    each of us helpless
    in an instant we were made equal together we had become in that moment a speck of white dust disappearing into the black mouth of eternal night
    stripped of illusion we were now transparent like the great beast itself in who’s acid breathing belly we were to lay for a snug eternity or two

    now i am here in the belly of the monster’s belly with my idiot son
    who must be fed raw fish parts or else he cries in his sleep
    and keeps both heaven and hell awake with his dreams
    i don’t have time now to remember or to care or to think about tomorrow
    i am behind in my chores and will never catch up
    we sail on in this foul stink in search of wayward sons
    other offspring of unruly angels who dare to challenge the great ship giver
    transparent leader of illusion mother of great and deadly dreams

    they will find peace in their madness just as i have in mine

    Artist: The Illusion

    Year: 1969

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 539