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Detroit City Lyrics By Tom Jones

    last night i went to sleep in detroit city
    and i dreamed about those cotton fields at home
    i dreamed about my mother
    dear old papa sister and brother

    i dreamed about that girl
    who’s been waiting for so long
    i wanna go home i wanna go home
    oh how i wanna go home

    home folks think i’m big in detroit city
    from the letters that i write they think i’m fine
    but by day i make the cars
    and by night i make the bars
    if only they could read between the lines


    you know
    i rode a freight train north to detroit city
    after all these years
    i find that i’ve just been wastin’ my time
    so i just think i’ll take my foolish pride
    put on a south bound freight and ride
    goin’ back to the love ones
    the ones i left waitin’ so far behind

    i wanna go home i wanna go home
    oh how i want to go home

    Artist: Tom Jones

    Year: 1967

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 95