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Delicious! Lyrics By Jim Backus Friend

    friend ooh we’re gonna have fun
    jim yes
    f it’s a cozy table isn’t it
    j and champagne my dear hehheh
    f mmmmmm delicious haha
    j you like it hehheh
    f mmmmmm delicious haha
    j heeheehee i like it to hehheh yes i do like it
    f mmmmmm delicious
    j hehheh you want some more
    f mmmmmm delicious
    j i knew you’d like it heh heh ha
    f delicious
    j have some moreget the waiter and hehheh put on the paper hat
    get out the lampshade haha i even like the cork waiter waiter
    more keep pouring it every night’s new year’s eve waiter every
    night we’re gonna do thish i don’t care loshe the job what you
    gonna do scooba dabba doo oh champagne hic

    Artist: Jim Backus Friend

    Year: 1958

    Decade: 50s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 86