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Dangerous Lyrics By Ying Yang Twins Featuring Wyclef

    ying yang
    lets go

    she’s fire she’s fine
    she’s his she’s mine
    black barbie
    i’m ken
    she’s got honey melondew skin
    i ain’t really trying to let you in
    but you can spend your benjamins
    make no mistake thinking she’s your friend
    this is all about dividends

    wait she like to play games
    and she don’t care who she play wit’
    she do what she do
    and she gon’ get what she gon’ get
    she hit the strip club
    and she gon’ make her money quick
    shake ass on the pole
    bes’ believe lil mama thick

    i like the way
    the way she dance
    she take the thug
    put them in the trance
    she shake that ass
    like an avalanche
    look into her eyes
    and you taking the chance
    i see the fire in her eyes
    fire in her eyes
    like the way she moves
    she got the fire in her eyes
    fire on her waist
    fire in her thighs
    i love the scandal

    she’s so dangerous dangerous
    she’s so dangerous dangerous
    she’s so scandalous scandalous
    i love the scandal
    hear me sing
    wohoo here she comes
    watch out boy she’ll chew you up
    she’s dangerous dangerous
    dangerous dangerous
    i love the scandal

    pretty black skin
    shawty gon’ make spend all my ends
    when i leave i’mma tell my friend
    and we both coming back again
    and i’m looking for that girl
    that danced for me the last time
    shawty get crunk so i’mma get her to dance for me four more times

    thick and chunky
    work that monkey
    pop that money
    boy she want it
    all up on it
    they gon’ pay her
    shawty ’bout bread so you can’t play her

    dangerous black girl

    get crunk lil mama
    lemme see you move
    dirty dancing all in the nude
    get crunk as shit
    she about 5’6
    so i spend the money to see it
    i love them girls that belly dance
    drop it down low
    and shake that ass
    like whoa
    shorty look like her ma
    remind me of a coke cola bottle

    she a badass broad
    with her mind on the riches
    so bad she pimp out bitches
    all about that mighty dolla
    you ain’t talking bread boy
    she ain’t gonna hollah
    745 she gon’ get it
    big ol’ eyes
    tell ’em why
    she already did it
    oh boy
    only rotate ’bout digits
    black baby
    whoa black baby
    yeah black baby
    wow black baby

    Artist: Ying Yang Twins Featuring Wyclef

    Year: 2006

    Decade: 00s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 246