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Dancin’ The Strand Lyrics By Maureen Gray

    the night we were dancin’ the strand
    we fell in love as if it were planned
    you saw me standin all alone
    we did the strand
    you walked me home
    it was so grand
    dancin’ the strand

    i’ll always remember
    how you held me so tight
    you kissed me baby oh what a night
    the record was playin my favorite song
    and i was prayin’
    that we could dance the whole night long
    it was so grand
    dancin’ the strand

    i couldn’t sleep at all that night
    me and my diary and a little light
    i wrote down every little word
    you said to me
    i’m beggin’ beggin’ babybaby
    how i pray our love could always be

    my prayers were answered
    ’cause youre still here with me
    well be together for all eternity
    and when we go dancin’ handinhand
    we always remember that night
    we did the strand
    it was so grand
    dancin the strand

    Artist: Maureen Gray

    Year: 1962

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 73