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Daisy Jane Lyrics By America

    flying me back to memphis
    gotta find my daisy jane
    well the summer’s gone
    and i hope she’s feeling the same
    well i left her just to roam the city
    thinking it would ease the pain
    i’m a crazy man
    and i’m playing my crazy game game

    does she really love me i think she does
    like the stars above me i know because
    when the sky is bright
    everything’s alright

    flying me back to memphis
    honey keep the oven warm
    all the clouds are clearing
    and i think we’re over the storm
    well i’ve been picking it up around me
    daisy i think i’m sane
    but i’m awful glad
    and i guess you’re really to blame blame

    do you really love me i hope you do
    like the stars above me how i love you
    when it’s cold at night
    everything’s alright


    Artist: America

    Year: 1975

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 77