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Crazy Lyrics By Javier

    hmmmmmmmm hey yea hey hoooooowhooo baby

    kind of like a summer’s breeze
    you do exactly as you please
    drop a brother to his knees just for fun
    i think it was the first of may
    girl i can’t forget the day
    right then and there i knew you were the one
    do you think that possibly
    you could spend your life with me
    cuz girl this love is growing and it’s hotter than the sun

    i get a little bit crazy baby
    everytime you call my name
    my heart beats a little bit faster
    after you are in my arms again
    you try to fight it
    don’t even try to hide it
    emotions falling down like the rain
    i can’t find the words to explain it
    ain’t it crazy how i fall
    everytime you call my name

    it’s kind of like a work of art
    you shot an arrow through my heart
    even though we’re worlds apart i can’t deny
    it feels like your apart
    of me the finish and the start of me
    girl you are the heart of me
    and that’s no lie
    did i mention that i love you so
    and i just want the world to know
    if i could you kno i would write your name across the sky

    crazy crazy
    evertime that your close to me
    i lose control of my sanity
    everynight everyday every word and you say
    girl do you know you put a spell on me

    everytime you call my name
    i don’t know what to do
    i’m so in love with you

    Artist: Javier

    Year: 2003

    Decade: 00s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 129