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Condition Red Lyrics By The Goodees

    condition red
    don’t you come over tonight
    ’cause mommy and daddy don’t approve
    of you and me getting too tight

    why doesn’t he get a haircut
    why doesn’t he shave
    you know he used to be such a nice looking fellow before he grew that awful beard

    that’s what my mama and daddy keep saying to me
    and every time they down you boy
    i’ll try to make them see
    that though your hair is long
    and your mustache’s in the sky
    for me you’re the right guy

    condition red
    baby please stay away
    ’cause i don’t know
    what mommy and daddy might say
    it’s gonna be hard for us to keep on lovin’ this way
    but i got to keep seeing you boy
    no matter what they say
    no matter how they down you boy
    and say you’re not my kind
    i’m gonna love you honey
    ’til the end of time

    i guess we’ll have to meet down at the corner from now on
    that look in your eyes

    motorcycle revving

    where you going
    can i go with you
    hey take me with you
    don’t go away mad
    darlin’ just come back
    don’t you see that i just don’t care what they say’
    take me with you
    honey yes my love for you i need you is so strong
    and i love you hey there’s a car so much
    watch out for the car
    car skid and crash oh no
    police siren
    don’t leave me
    condition red
    i’ll never see you again
    condition red
    condition red

    Artist: The Goodees

    Year: 1969

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 125