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Come On Over Lyrics By The Strollers

    she invited me over for dinner
    but i knew what she really wanted
    or at least i thought i knew
    at that time it was difficult for me to distinguish
    between kind gestures and blatant comeons
    i was in a bad place and my ability to interpret signals was completely off
    kind of like crossing the street and not being able to tell the difference
    between a red light and a green light
    all i knew was that i had to move and so i moved forward
    jaywalking through life
    people like whizzing cars speeding by
    there were hard edges in the air steel
    and the only certainty was the inevitable collision
    i was the victim
    but it was clear i was a willing victim
    she invited me over for dinner
    and i said yes

    come on over for dinner tonight

    everywhere i went i was an alien
    i stopped for a bottle of wine at the supermarket
    it was full of hot mothers and screaming babies
    i didnt mind but i felt like everyone was staring at me
    true i had had a couple of beers beforehand to take the edge off
    and i was buying a euro liter of wine to ease me through dinner
    so what
    i was wearing sunglasses a white button down shirt and tight black jeans
    how did that make me persona non grata at the supermarket
    was it the number of cheese samples i had tried
    the eighth of strudel
    the tenth of backwurst

    come on over for dinner tonight

    needless to say i wasnt even hungry anymore
    the beer had filled me up and now i was a few blocks from her house
    at a cafe drinking a glass of white wine
    it was hot outside but the inside of the cafe was shady and cool
    and the waitress was attractive
    i looked at her she smiled at me
    i wondered what it would be like to kiss her
    the walls of the cafe were mirrored and the person i saw in them disturbed me
    hair a mess an emotional wreck
    cars sped by outside there was incessant honking as an ambulance wailed
    i covered my ears and went to the bathroom
    splashed water on my face
    pushed my hair back
    i said
    you can do this
    you can do this
    what exactly i was doing i didnt know
    going to dinner

    come on over for dinner tonight

    my confidence was flagging as the sun was setting
    i took a taxi to her place to ensure my arrival
    it was slow languid
    and as i sat in the back taking in the city with a buzzing in my head

    i looked at the buildings so different from what i knew
    people on bicycles men pushing strollers women going to work joggers
    i couldnt tell if i was excited or terrified
    but something was happening and i determined to see it through no matter what

    she lived in a huge apartment complex on the fourth floor
    it was difficult to navigate but i knew the way
    i took the stairs
    the city was old destroyed divided
    but the building she lived in was new
    i rang the doorbell
    she was a strong and independent woman
    so i rang it again

    we drank whiskey for a while
    and when i left i couldnt tell if i was walking on sunshine or eggshells
    and still
    its difficult to distinguish between the two

    Artist: The Strollers

    Year: 1961

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 256