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Chasin’ The Wind Lyrics By Chicago

    did the best i could
    to make you mine
    if you ever felt anything for me
    well you never gave a sign
    thought time would make you change
    make you want me
    but baby i never had a chance
    now i know that there’s just some things
    just not meant to be

    no use
    making you care about me
    no way
    that i’m going to win
    oh darling
    i might as well be
    chasing the wind
    oh i’m just
    chasing the wind

    open up my heart
    let you inside
    if love was what you we’re looking for
    well i guess it wasn’t mine
    so i guess i better go
    it’s over and done
    but you know i’m not really sad at all
    because you can’t really say it’s over
    when it never had begun

    can’t reach the sea
    if you can’t get past the sand
    can’t touch the sky
    if you can’t reach up your hand
    can’t give if you give nothing back

    Artist: Chicago

    Year: 1991

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 83