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Charged Up Lyrics By Drake

    stop stop stop…
    fuck niggas gon’ be fuck niggas
    thats why we never give a fuck when a fuck nigga switched up
    im so sorry
    did you hope i was crying
    it was rough without you
    it was rough without you

    i did some charity today for the kids
    but i’m used to it ’cause all y’all charity cases
    all yall stare in my face in hopes you could be the replacement
    niggas is snitchin’ on us without no interrogation
    i stay silent ’cause we at war and im very patient
    six god is watchin’ i just hope youre prepared to face him
    im charged up im charged up

    wow im honored that you think this is staged
    im flattered man in fact im amazed
    the perfect start to the summer man this shit is a doozy
    this shit a twist in the movie but don’t jump to conclusions
    you boys are gettin’ into your feelings on me
    you should embrace it this could be one of our realest moments
    okay the flow start to feel familiar dont it
    must i remind you that jimmy got 0 million on it
    need dj clue to drop a bomb on it
    none of them want this shit more than i want it
    i seen it all comin’ knew they would push a button
    east egg huntin’ they gotta look for somethin’
    done doin’ favors for people
    ’cause it aint like i need the money i make off a feature
    i see you niggas havin’ trouble goin’ gold
    turnin’ into some so and sos that no one knows
    but so it go
    come live all your dreams out at ovo
    we gon’ make sure you get your bread and you know the ropes
    i get a ring and i bring it home like im cory joe
    no woman ever had me star struck
    or was able to tell me to get my bars up
    im charged up
    oh no we eatin’ niggas aint about to starve us
    nah niggas ain’t about to starve us
    i’m charged up

    i bought my niggas rollies off of thank me later
    while these boys was stanky leggin’
    trust me this information is vital
    im tryin’ to take the high road
    i still got love for my idols
    i got me a deal with apple and i still feel entitled
    rumor has it theres somethin’ that only i know
    rumor has it i steer the ship with my eyes closed
    rumor has it i either fucked her or never could
    but rumor has it hasnt done you niggas any good
    its sound sound sound til the day i die
    we goin’ live to keep this shit alive
    cops are killin’ people with they arms up
    and your main focus is tryna harm us
    and you think you bout to starve us
    niggas aint about to starve us
    nah im charged up

    stop stop stop stop…
    have you seen me
    im doing so good
    every time we meet
    oh im so sorry
    fuck niggas gon’ be fuck niggas
    thats why we never give a fuck when a fuck nigga switched up

    you know i kept it real
    it aint too many real people out here
    and people be on some weak bitchass shit all day long
    industry people… regular people…
    and then when you keep it real with people they cross the line take your kindness for weakness and thats weak

    Artist: Drake

    Year: 2015

    Decade: 10s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 317