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Casanova Lyrics By Levert

    i ain’t much on casanova
    me and romeo ain’t never been friends
    can’t you see how much i really love ya
    gonna sing it to ya time and time again
    ohh casanova
    ohh casanova

    every man deserves a good woman
    and i want you to be my wife
    time is so much better spended baby
    with a woman just like you in my life
    so let me love ya
    fill you up inside i want to hold ya babe
    so let me squeeze ya
    don’tcha know i’ll get down on my knees for ya baby
    you see


    every time i wanna see ya
    i can’t find the words to tell ya so
    but i love i love i love i love i love you babe
    and i just got to let ya know
    how much i need ya
    show you what you mean to me each day baby
    so let me hold you
    keep ya safe and warm i’ll be your sweetheart babe
    baby baby baby
    and when i told ya
    girl i’m an average guy
    you seem to know just how i really feel
    cause i’m givin it all
    i need you i want you to stay right here with me
    but baby i never knew lovetill you came along

    tell me what to say
    i can’t really get away
    ohh casanova
    tell me what to do i ain’t no
    i just wanna be with you
    listen baby
    i wanna hold i wanna squeeze ya too
    i wanna make sweet love to you
    i wanna be there when ya feel alone
    never letcha go no
    i’m just a man baby
    and i want to love you love you love you love you baby
    ohhh casanova


    Artist: Levert

    Year: 1987

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 168