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Carolina Day Lyrics By Livingston Taylor

    carolina day gonna rise up sometime
    give me good align said a reason and rhyme
    jump and sing all the time
    work at a’ easing my mind

    oh it’s a carolina day
    on a plane out of logan up pops a slogan
    talkin’ only of easy times
    working at a bottle of ripple wine
    breathing that clean fine southern air
    and we all start to laugh
    and the people start to stare thinking
    them kids are in a funny way
    but we’re all in need
    lookin’ to see the carolina day

    and carolina day don’t rise in the morning
    don’t set in the evenin’
    it ain’t that way
    look up in the morning
    and you got a grin
    and you’re with a girl
    and you want to stay
    then my friend you’re in a carolina day
    oh oh it’s a carolina day

    alec and brent they’re lovin’ their child
    and james is becoming a star
    sister kate’s laughin’ all the time
    and my brother hugh’s out wreckin’ a car
    and my mother smiles thinkin’ isn’t it fine
    that the children are home again
    and louis my best friend falls on by
    and we’re all together again


    oh it’s a carolina day
    zippin’ on down to the cc house
    thought i’d put my father on
    then smokes then booze then tokes then herc
    and my head were dead and gone
    and doctor schein a lot of money and time
    and a few friends stickin’ around
    while taking care of business i found my carolina day
    didn’t let me down


    Artist: Livingston Taylor

    Year: 1971

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 137