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Breakfast For Two Lyrics By Country Joe Mcdonald

    we went out to dinner
    boy what an appetite
    we just couldn’t stop eating
    we stayed up mostofthe night

    and afterthree or four hours
    our stomachs beganto hurt
    but everything tasted so good
    we didn’t stop until after dessert

    ooh la la breakfast for two
    ooh la la you got me and i got you

    i’ve eaten in italy
    yes i’ve eaten in spain
    i must admit i’d be licking my lips
    if i ever was to eat there again

    but last night at dinner
    you really really blew my mind
    the way we supped just filled m up
    i think about food all of the time

    repeat x

    peopl always come up to me
    they say hey man
    how about a little smile
    don’t take life so seriously
    lighten up for a little while

    i say that a man’s a fool
    if he don’t know how to cry
    when i get down i sure get down
    but when i’m up i know how to fly

    repeat x

    Artist: Country Joe Mcdonald

    Year: 1975

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 85