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Breakdance Lyrics By Irene Cara

    there was this new feeling coming out of the streets
    everybody’s talkin’ ’bout it wherever they meet
    down by the corner keep getting the heat
    then my feet start moving to the rhythmic beat

    break out
    break out

    they used to do the locomotion do the jerk and the twist
    but there just ain’t never been nothin’ like this
    now poppin’ and lockin’ is the new way of talkin’
    there’s a work at the shop spinnin’ out on the floor

    hearts are pumpin’ beat is thumpin’
    love the way you’re lookin’ tonight
    fevers risin’ no surprisin’
    we won’t have the time to fight
    dance dance dance dance out out out out

    Artist: Irene Cara

    Year: 1984

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 57