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Bed And Board Lyrics By Barbara Mason

    you know sometimes a man will
    cause such heartache yes he will
    that a woman feels she only take
    he’ll make all kind of mistakes
    yes he will that cause your
    heart to break

    seems like every day
    is like the one before
    the things you used to say
    you don’t say anymore

    bits and pieces of your time
    are all you can afford
    it looks like you just can’t see
    that there’s much more to love

    than bed and board bed and board
    bed bed bed bed and board
    bed and board

    lying half awake
    i hear you switch the light
    you turn off the late news
    oh i’m in luck tonight

    you think that making love
    three times a week is my reward
    well you can’t seem to understand
    that there’s much more to love

    than bed and board bed and board
    ooh baby bed and board
    bed and board oh don’t you know

    don’t know what happened
    but you’ve changed somehow
    and like a puppet
    on a string baby oh

    you’re only going
    through the motions now
    you touch me but you don’t
    feel anything anything

    you’re gonna say
    that it’s all in my mind
    lord knows how i’ve thought it out
    at least a thousand times

    i’ve got to try again
    i need my faith in life restored
    i can’t wait any longer ’cause
    there’s much more to love

    than bed and board bed and board
    baby bed bed bed and board
    bed and board so right there
    you oughta listen cause what else

    so much more to life
    than just a bed and a roof
    saying i believe
    i believe that a man
    will misuse a woman
    if he’s given the chance

    and i believe
    that he will abuse a woman
    at the beginning of a romance

    ’cause all they ever want is bed bed
    your bed bed my bed bed his bed
    it don’t make any difference where it is

    see but i don’t find anything wrong
    with making a little love
    on an early sunday morning
    you oughta be in church amen

    ain’t nothing wrong amen
    with a little love on an early
    monday morning monday morning
    monday morning

    when your baby’s supposed
    to be going to work
    he can’t leave you no no no
    he can’t leave your side
    and here’s why

    because a man needs love
    and a man needs to be hugged
    and kissed yes he does

    you know it’s something when
    we ladies start to prepare
    ourselves for that particular man
    waiting for him to come home
    so he can just hold our hand

    you know i believe that all of
    that all you do something like this
    you might run the water
    putting all of those nice things
    into that tub

    and when we’re finished
    we have all kinds of sweet
    smelling things that we put on
    perfumes and some of us decide to
    just powder ourselves all the way down
    that’s good because that’s what they like

    and when he comes through the door
    and you’re lying there in your negligee
    or whatever it might be

    and he says to you
    i’m too tired i’m too tired
    and you turn to him and say
    do you think i did all this for me

    you can still hear that same moan from him
    i’m too tired i’ve been working all day
    but you don’t wanna hear that do you

    you see because the art of making love
    has to be done in a certain way
    and it can only been done when
    two people become totally involved

    but sometimes a man
    just out of forgetfulness
    will not remember a woman’s birthday
    and it’s not intentional
    it’s just because it’s the way they’re made

    and they’ll forget to call you
    exactly on the hour because
    they forget that little things
    mean a lot

    ’cause there’s so much more to life
    than bed and board

    Artist: Barbara Mason

    Year: 1972

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 320